Polefitness is thé
Ultimate Workout!

Out of the box, into the pole. You will be amazed with what you can achieve with pole fitness!

First, the basics

How can I start with Pole Fitness?

Polefitness is the ultimate workout for you. Polefitness is the most complete pole program with the largest library of Pole training videos, that has ever been developed. Finally all of your favorite pole tricks have come together in one place. The tricks are easy to find by searching on their most commonly used names. The polefitness team, consisting of women and men, will guide you, step by step, to the full potential that we have to offer you. We'll start at the Basics and will gradualy move on to Intermediate, Advance, Extreme, Duo's, Combination and much more.

Step 1. What subscription suits you?

If you're inexperienced, start with the basics. Have you had lessons before? Then choose the level that suits you best.

Step 2. Prepare

Before you start, make sure that your training equipment (pole, mat, clothing, etc.) is in order, safe and trusted. Your pole for home use must meet the safety standards. It also needs to be installed properly

Step 3. Training

Start a clip for your current level. When watching the video, pay particular attention to the hand, leg and body positions. You can see this best in slow motion.

Step 4. Pratice makes perfect.

As for the techniques, keep repeating them because practice makes perfect. Make sure you are warm and loose before each workout.

How Pole Fitness impacts the lives of people

We all know that exercising is healthy. Where Pole fitness stands out from most other forms of excercising is that you not only train several muscle groups at the same time, but also train your coordination and flexibility while doing a trick. 

The numbers match.

Let's get started with Polefitness!

There is a suitable subscription for everyone who is interested in polesports.

The Basics


/ Month

Get familiar with positions while on the ground first before attempting to practice the same positions in the air.



/ Month

Get the most important foundation: pole tricks, climbs, inverts and spins that lead to advanced and extreme tricks!

Advanced & Extreme


/ Month
Get the most amazing agility and strength tricks. and combine them with awesome climbs, spins.


/ Month

Get access to all our duo techniques and start training together.

The numbers match.

Coming soon to
Pole Fitness!

Our great team is always looking for a new way to use the pole. Stay tuned for new techniques every month!

Pole combinations


/ Month

Get access to all our combinations techniques from basic to advanced & extreme.

Pole instructors


Use all our techniques to become a true Polefitness instructor. Full access!

The professionals!

Meet the our pole program team!

Denise Mulder

Founder & CEO
Belinda Seine

Belinda Seine

Master Trainer & International Coach

Meet the DM team!

Pole Fitness Community

Why choose online Pole Fitness training?

Learning pole sports doesn’t have to stop after just a few hours of training in your pole class. Expand your pole knowledge by studying tricks online even when you’re not on the pole. Our tutorials will help you understand the tricks.

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