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Excellent trainers

Our instructors are here to help you with all your questions and doubts about pole sports. Our team consists of several trainers with extensive experience in this sport, as an instructor as well as a pole athlete.


Easy learning

We have techniques and combinations at all levels.They are clearly structured and all the internationally most common names are mentioned in the clips. This makes it easy for you to find them on social media or recognise them during your own pole classes.


From start to hard

Techniques are divided into categories based on their level. In our courses our techniques are deliberately placed in a specific order, to provide a safe and substantiated way for you to train step by step in every level.


A lot of fun

Most of all, enjoy the content at! Pole sports is a very fun way to train, spend your spare time, or get in shape again. Our subscriptions can help you with this, by explaining how to get started, providing assistance to your training and inspiring you.

Helping you keep fit

Since 2007

Welcome to Pole fitness, we started developing the Pole fitness program in 2004 because of the enthousiasm by many women from all ages and backgrounds about performing on the pole . The frontier they weren’t comfortable with was the exotic surroundings the pole was exclusively placed in at the time. These woman weren’t going to go to stripclubs and had no intension of performing an erotic show. The fact that exercising on the pole provides one of the best overal physical trainings that’s out there, made it only logical to take it to a gym.

Jeroen Butterman

Jeroen Butterman

2nd place national championships
Hey! My name is Jeroen and I am a Pole Instructor. In Pole sports/Fitness there is a very large variety of movements/poses and endless room for combinations. Don't be shy if you're a guy, gender plays no role in exercising or having fun.
Dithe van dijk

Dithe van Dijk

1st place national championships
Hi! My name is Dithe. Last year I graduated and now I’m working as an physiotherapist. Pole sports/fitness is an incredible sport. The movements and the tricks you are able to do with your body and the pole are so wonderful. The sport shifts boundaries, makes you stronger and happier.

Tatja Lissenberg

Pole instructor and owner polefitness studio Almere
My name is Tatja. I love all kinds of sports but polefitness is my absolute passion! Woman often ask me if this sport is only suitable for young and skinny women. I can assure you that polefitness is for women of all ages and sizes. It’s never too late to start something new. Especially when it’s such a cool and elegant sport like pole fitness. It’s a full body workout that makes you stronger, more agile and it gives you lots of confidence!
maud rietbroek

Inge van den Meiracker

2nd place national championships
Hi! My name is Inge . Five years ago I discovered pole fitness and after the first class I was instantly hooked! It is the perfect combination between gymnastics, fitness and dance. I love flexibility tricks, my favourite moves are jade split, bird of paradise and spatchcock. The national championships was a great experience, puting together a personal performance through music and dance choice.
Lucien Rosa

Lucian Rosa

National champion 2018 and 2019
Hi, Im Lucian. I’ve never really been a team sports player, but always someone who went ‘solo’. When I was learning to salsa, I was totally out of my comfort zone. I became rather good at it, and wanted to take it further via the Student sportclub for ballroom and salsa, but I missed the deadline to sign in, that's when I signed up for Pole fitness classes. I could have never imagined the enthousiasm I have now doing Pole fitness. With the correct and safe environment and fantastic support, I'm realy feeling I fit in.

Maud Rietbroek

National champion 16/17/18 and pole sport/fitness instructor
IPSF World Artistic Pole Champion 2018
I study Human Movement Sciences in Amsterdam and started Pole fitness when I was seventeen. I loved it immediately! Before I discovered Polefitness in Gouda /Reeuwijk, I had competed in Acrobatic gymnastics and studied pre-education Circus and Dancing at Codarts Rotterdam. In Pole fitness, everything came together, the strength, cardio and flexibility, but also the creativity. Besides my own training, I also really like to teach and help others to make the impossible possible through hard work and trust.

Martine van Buren

Pole fitness national champion 2019
Hi, I’m Martine and I have learned by doing Pole Fitness the world is so much better upside down! Pole Fitness is for everybody and every body. Size, shape, age, gender, it doesn’t matter! Just come and have fun exercising on the pole. Trust me, flying round the pole, holding yourself in seemingly impossible shapes is the best thing and just gives you so much confidence. By doing Pole Fitness your strength, flexibility and fun will grow.
Denise Mulder

Denise Mulder

MNWorld Poledance champion 2004/2005, owner /founder Polefitness and Pole master/instructor
We started working on a total body workout program, during which we were lucky enough to come in contact with people from the Sportcenter of the Leiden university, who got inspired and actually made us realize that the combination of flexibility, strength and endurance makes Pole fitness a unique training exercise that is second to none. My personal goal and challenge is to teach everyone interested, something that they themselves had never expected to be able to do. When participants, next to physical growth, also grow in self confidence, my mission will be completed.
Belinda Seine

Belinda seine

International pole judge, coach, trainer and IPSF Pole instructor/master
Hi Im Belinda. I studied gardening and landscaping and I have been teaching pole fitness classes for over 15 years. I enjoy every lesson with my students. I enjoy seeing them achieve their goal in the pole with a smile on their face when something works out. I like challenges. So you think you couldn't? I challenge you to get started! Hopefully, by uniting more and keeping a sharp sporty goal in mind, pole sport/fitness can and will soon be seen as an Olympic sport.
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