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The duo subscription contains more than 150 videos. Pole spins, pole inverts and pole poses. This course is suitable for all levels. It is important that you already have some pole experience. Most duo-tricks can be done if at least one of the two has completed the basic.
The duo videos are arranged so that you can also do the basic/intermediate videos with an advanced partner and vice versa. The levels are divided into basic and advanced. There is no intermediate level because we think it is important that there is some experience with pole before doing duos. Both on the ground and in the pole you still need a certain experience to be able to work safely together on a duo-trick. Therefore, basic in the duo is actually a higher level.

In the duo there is always a base and a flyer. The base supports the flyer. We have named the techniques in such a way that it is immediately clear which trick we are dealing with and in which level. First the base is mentioned and second the flyer.
Base\ flyer. When you start with this subscription you will receive videos for a basic-intermediate duo. This is therefore called basic\ basic. If you continue with this course, more and more duo videos of a higher level will be added. Finally you come to the advanced \advanced videos.

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