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Have you mastered the basics? Then it’s time for the intermediate. This prepares you for the advanced and extreme levels. But also on doing duo-tricks! Mainly because of the extensive attention paid to pole inverts. Are you already a pole sports trainer? Most amateur athletes are at this level and these videos will give you great inspiration for your lessons!

Over 300 videos with intermediate pole tricks such as pole spins, pole inverts, pole moves and pole poses that will take your training and skills to the next level in a playful way. The videos of these tricks also have the most common international name so that you can easily recognize them during your pole sport lesson or on social media.

The slow-motion of each video shows you exactly what the body position of the trick is. Step by step you see where to place your hands, arms and legs so that you learn the pole trick best and don’t have to deliver anything at a later stage when you start combining pole tricks.

You do the intermediate level at your own pace and when you take out this subscription, you immediately receive 50 intermediate videos with tricks that easily take you to the next level. After that you get 15 intermediate videos per month.

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12.00 incl. BTW / month and a 5.00 sign-up fee

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